Terms and Conditions

I. General – Scope of application

Our deliveries and services are performed exclusively under the General Terms and Conditions of Sale set forth hereinafter. They apply also to all future transactions conducted between the contracting parties without requiring further special reference to them. They shall apply also to contracts concluded at a later date even if we do not expressly refer to them specifically, and even if we perform our deliveries or services to the Orderer without reservation in full knowledge of standard terms and conditions of the Orderer that are contrary to or deviate from our General Terms and Conditions.
The Orderer has full knowledge of our General Terms and Conditions, gained through our price lists, emails, and Internet publications.

II. Offers and conclusion of contract, Performance

Our offers submitted to the ordering part are non-binding. The order alone shall constitute a binding offer. Acceptance of this offer takes place at our discretion either by sending a confirmation of order or by performing the ordered deliveries or services without reservation.
The technical data and descriptions contained in our product information or advertising materials and technical data sheets, and the information and data provided by the manufacturer or his auxiliary persons shall not constitute warranties as to the properties, quality, or durability of goods within the meaning of item 3 of Article 459 of the Obligation Code (Obligacijski zakonik, hereafter: “OZ”) to be delivered by us, unless such information is agreed under an individual contract.
Identified uses, as defined under the European chemicals directive REACH, that are relevant to the goods shall constitute neither an agreed contractual property of the goods nor a form of use provided by the contract.
If goods are sold on the basis of a sample or a specimen, such sample or specimen this shall merely be considered a description of proper technical compliance with the sample or specimen but not a guarantee or warranty of the properties or durability of the goods to be delivered by us.
We provide technical support to the best of our knowledge. All and any data and information provided as to the suitability and utilisation of our goods does not release the buyer from examining and testing the goods for their suitability for their intended purposes.